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Ireo Skyon Site Plan

Ireo Skyon Site Plan is interestingly designed to create a sense of space within the community. There is a mix of Mid Rise Towers hosting 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments while the High Rise Iconic Tower hosts the 4 Bedroom apartments. 

The orientation of the Mid Rise Towers is created in such a way that in most towers the 2 Bedroom and the 2 + SQ apartments are facing the outer periphery and are located in towers A, C & F while the 3 Bedroom apartments are facing the inner central green park in Towers A, C, D, E & F. In Tower D&E, there are no 2 Bedroom Apartments all apartments both inside facing and outside facing are 3 Bedroom Apartments. The Mid Rise Towers range from 10 Storey tall to 12 Storey Tall


All 4 Bedroom Apartments are  located in the High Rise Iconic Tower which is 39 Storey tall and offers 4 apartments to a core, numbered as 1,2,3 & 4. Out of these 1 & 3 number units have similar layouts, while 2 & 4 are of similar layout, which means that there are two types of layouts within the 4 bedroom segment.

For more clarity on the Site, it will be interesting to visit and understand the Ireo Skyon Site Plan.


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Ireo Skyon Site Plan
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