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Original Booking Price

Original Booking of a property is a great way to acquire a new asset, while this is mostly popular with properties that are under construction, however, there are some developers who retain some stock to be sold even after the project is complete. Primarily developers do this in anticipation of getting a better value for a ready to move properties in Gurgaon. While in most cases, the Original Booking Price is slightly higher than the secondary/resale price, however, in some cases if you go through the right channels, there are chances to bridge this gap.

Ireo Skyon has some key apartment units that are still available as Original Booking. You can reach out to us to see which apartments are available and which one would work best for you.

Here are some advantages of buying a property in Original Booking:

1. Becoming the First Allottee: When you book an apartment in original booking with the developer, you become the first allottee of the property. In the real estate industry, it does have some advantages of being the first allottee.

2. Brand New Property: When you book an apartment in original booking, you are bound to get an apartment that has never been lived in before. You get a brand new apartment.

3. Complete Trail of Documents: Sometimes in the Secondary Market/Resale Market, the seller may or may not have complete documents, while in most cases the sellers would have everything, however, in case of Original Booking, you get everything from the developer, so there is no scope of missing documents.

4. Transparency & Confidence: In case of Original Booking, you meet the developer and sign the Builder Buyer agreement with the developer, so there is complete transparency in the transaction. However, even in a secondary market/resale market, in case you are dealing with a professional brokerage, then you can be confident about the transparency. 

5. Finishing of the Apartment: The onus of finishing the apartment in case of the original booking lies with the developer, so you can pin point the defects or shortcomings at the time of handover, which the developer is committed to rectify.

6. Seller Attitude: Buying a property in the secondary market is subject to Seller's mood swings or attitude change, which is not true in case of an original booking, once booked, you can easily and comfortably get the property from the developer.

It is rare to find ready to move apartments in Gurgaon which are available as Original Booking, however, due to the market conditions, many developers have some stock that is still available.

Please connect with us about the original booking price for Ireo Skyon.

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