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4 Bedroom Apartment Ireo Skyon

The 4 bedroom apartment in Ireo Skyon is a very interesting apartment as it offers a lot of space, specially if you like to enjoy the outdoors, then this apartment is just right for you as it comes with a huge wrap around balcony offering panoramic views of the City Lights and the Aravali Hills, especially from a higher floor. Most apt for a large family looking to live a modern and comfortable life with lots of space within the apartment as well as large open spaces in the balcony area.


The apartment comes fitted with VRV Air Conditioners with Heating & Cooling both, offering a comfortable living for the residents. The 2 Bedroom Apartment has  a super area size of 2850 sq.ft. offering a good size living & dining space as well as four large size bedrooms with all attached bathrooms.

The Living & Dining is reasonably spacious and also offers a very spacious balcony attached to it. The Kitchen too is reasonably spacious and offers a utility balcony right next to the Kitchen. The apartments come fitted with Modular Kitchen as provided by the developer. There is an interesting service area through the Utility balcony offering you to accept deliveries etc. without having to get them through the main living room, this features specially comes in handy if  you are hosting a party.


All 4 Bedrooms in this apartment are all fairly spacious, in fact probably more spacious then most of the other apartments of this size in Gurgaon. The master bathroom has the closet space created within the washroom so it doesn't eat into the master bedroom floor space.


There are essentially two layouts of 4 Bedroom Apartments in Ireo Skyon. While unit no. 1 & 3 share similar layout and are diagonally opposite to each other and Unit No. 2 & 4 are having a different layout. In our experience both layouts are nice, however, we have seen some families liking one of the two layouts. While there is not much difference in the size of the apartment, the only difference is in the orientation of the apartments, while both apartment layouts don't compromise on the bedroom sizes or the balcony sizes.

Here are both the Layouts of 4 Bedroom Apartments in Ireo Skyon.

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Unit No. (1 & 3)   - 4 BHK Layout at Ireo Skyon

4 BHK St Layout.jpg

Unit (2 & 4) - 4 BHK Layout at Ireo Skyon

4 BHK w Foyer.jpg
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