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2 Bedroom Apartment Ireo Skyon

The two bedroom apartment in Ireo Skyon is a very interesting apartment for someone who is buying their first asset as a home. Most apt for a young couple looking to start the life in their own compact yet spacious and modern. The apartment comes fitted with VRV Air Conditioners with Heating & Cooling both, offering a comfortable living for the residents. The 2 Bedroom Apartment has  a super area size of 1375 sq.ft. offering a decent size living & dining space as well as two bedrooms with 2 bathrooms.

The Living & Dining is reasonably spacious and also offers a spacious balcony attached to it. The Kitchen too is reasonably spacious and offers a utility balcony right next to the Kitchen. The apartments come fitted with Modular Kitchen as provided by the developer.


The spacious master bedroom is a fairly large room for an apartment of this size and offers a large attached washroom. The interesting part about the washroom is that the closet space is created within the washroom so it doesn't eat into the master bedroom floor space.


The second bedroom does not have an attached bath, however, there is a bath right opposite the second bedroom which also doubles up as a powder room for the guests.

There are essentially two layouts of 2 Bedroom  Apartments in Ireo Skyon. While there is not much difference in the size of the apartment, the only difference is that one of them has an L-Shaped Living/Dining and the other one is Straight Shaped Living/Dining. Rest of the areas within the apartment are absolutely same.

Here are both the Layouts of 2 Bedroom Apartments in Ireo Skyon.

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L-Shaped 2 BHK Layout

2 BHK L Shaped Layout.jpg

Straight Line 2 BHK Layout

2 BHK St Layout Plan.jpg
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