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Should you buy Non Sun Facing Apartment in Ireo Skyon?

Before delving into the subject deeper, lets understand the Sun Facing Perspective for this Article. While the common terminology of Apartment Facing is a bit confusing, while some consider it as the facing of the Door while exiting the apartment, others consider it as the facing of the balcony. For the purpose of this article, we are considering the facing of the balconies. Lets understand the topography of apartments at Ireo Skyon and the Sun's Movement for the purpose of this article. Typically in any residential community located in North India, apartments that are facing South (Balconies) get the maximum amount of sun. Apartments with Balconies in the East, get the morning sun and apartments with West Balconies get the afternoon sun, while the Apartments with balconies in North are insulated from Sun's Heat.

Ireo Skyon is located at the following Latitude and Longitude 28.4003° N, 77.0958° E. While the sun's movement in summers would be East to West, however, this changes in the winters, the sun in winters moves East to South to set in West. This is well explained by a Solar Company , please feel free to click on the link to understand more in detail. However, for the purpose of acquiring an apartment in Ireo Skyon. Here is what you should consider.

Here is the list of Sun Facing and Non Sun Facing Units as per the orientation of apartments in Ireo Skyon.

Sun Facing Apartments in Ireo Skyon

2 BHKs :

Tower A - All 2 BHKs & 2 + SQs. (South Sun)

Tower C (2 BHKs) - Outer Periphery Facing Units (West Sun)

2 + SQs

Tower F (2 BHKs) - Morning Sun Only. (East Sun)

Tower C - All 2 BHK + SQs (West Sun)

3 BHKs :

Tower D & E (3 BHK) - All Park Facing Units, (South Sun)

Tower F (3 BHKs) - Park Facing only Higher Floors. (South Sun)

Tower C (3 BHKs) - Higher Floors Only. (East & South Sun)

4 BHKs - Tower B (4 BHK) - Unit Nos. 2 (South Sun) & 3 (West Sun).

Non Sun Facing Apartments in Ireo Skyon

2 BHKs

C Tower Lower Floors

2 +SQs

C Tower Lower Floors

3 BHKs

Tower A (3 BHKs) - All Units.

Tower F (3 BHKs) - Lower Floors.

Tower D & E (3 BHKs) - Outer Periphery Facing.

Tower C (3 BHKs) - Park Facing (Lower Floors)

4 BHKs

Tower B (4 BHKs) - Unit 1 & 4

The preferences of people are changing, more people are now opting for non-sun facing apartments in Ireo Skyon. The fact that we in Gurgaon are subject to almost 9 months of Summers and only 3 months of winters, out of which also the really cold days may just be about 30 to 45 days. While Ireo Skyon comes with Heating & Cooling functions in the VRF Air Conditioners, the couple of months of harsh winters can be well taken care of by turning the heating mode on. On the other hand, the Sun Facing Apartments would actually get a lot of heat from the Sun, so the longer period of Summers (Almost 8 to 9 Months - March to October), one would need to keep the Air Conditioning on at all times, and that definitely increases the electricity consumption drastically in the Sun Facing Apartments.

While the Optimum Human Body's need for Sun to get replenishment of Vitamin D is just 20-50 minutes a day, the decision to take an apartment that is Sub Facing, may not really be the right way forward as a buyer. There is ample ways to get sufficient Vitamin D from natural sunlight in the other areas of a residential community, like the parks and other walk ways etc.

The decision remains to be the buyer's at the end of the day, what works best for them. But it is always good to make an informed decision based on research and views from the Resident Realtor at Ireo Skyon.


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