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Living Choices at Ireo Skyon are interestingly suited for all age groups and for all family sizes. Starting from a 2 Bedroom Apartment or a 2 Bedroom with Servant that fits perfectly well for a young couple that is acquiring a first home to a larger family wanting to upgrade to a bigger size of 3 Bedroom Apartment and then for an even larger family looking to acquire a large size 4 bedroom apartment at affordable price points.

Feel free to browse through the Ireo Skyon layout plans for each of the apartment type and size and see which one fits best in your specific family needs. Our team can certainly help you at every step of the way to chose the right apartment living choice at Ireo Skyon.

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2 Bedroom

A nice Compact 2 Bedroom Apartment measuring 1375 sq.ft. A perfect fit for a young couple looking for their first own home...Explore

4 Bedroom (Unit 2 & 4)

A spacious 4 Bedroom with Servant Room. A perfect choice for those who like to enjoy larger balcony space and stunning views...Explore

2 Bedroom + SQ

A more spacious 2 Bedroom with SQ measuring 1540 sq.ft. a perfect fit for a family of 3 or for a young couple... Explore

4 Bedroom (Unit 1 & 3)

A Spacious 4 Bedroom with Servant Room. A perfect choice for those who like to enjoy larger balcony space with stunning views...Explore

3 Bedroom + SQ

A spacious 3 Bedroom with Servant Room ideal for a family looking to live a good comfortable life in a modern setting...Explore

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