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Pomegranate Tree at a Ground Floor Apartment in Ireo Skyon

Living in a gated high rise condominium has its advantages like secured gated environment, common and organized maintenance services, kids socializing and many other benefits that come with living in a gated society. Mostly people who are living in these communities prefer to live on higher floors to enjoy the benefits of living on higher floors.

What about those who prefer to stay grounded and like to enjoy more green views and have their own special green space around the apartment? For those who like to enjoy a lifestyle which is closer to nature and like to have their private garden space and enjoy the fruits of mother nature right outside one's home, there is hope to find an ideal home in one of the Ground Floor Apartments with a private patio area within Ireo Skyon.

High Rise Vs. Builder Floors

While the other option is to opt in for a builder floor in Gurgaon, however there are some advantages of living on the ground floor within a gated high rise community over the builder floors. One of the most important is security. Barring a few communities, most of the other builder floor developments are not truly gated, they are in open colonies which are susceptible to security concerns. Considering the weightage of privacy in current times, having to necessarily deal with the upper floor neighbours is a concern in builder floors, gone are the days, when one had to discuss the water or plumbing issues with upper floor owners, no one wants to do that anymore.

Another important factor is the availability of managed services in a community like Ireo Skyon. When you buy into an apartment in a gated community, you are assured of managed community services like maintenance staff etc. and a sense of belonging to a community, this is a definite miss in the builder floors. Another very critical key point is the ability for kids to mingle with other kids, there is so much of informal education happening when kids meet other kids within the secured environs of a gated community and this helps in long term ability to interact, take criticism, build team spirit and many other such factors that become helpful when they grow up.

Ground Floor Apartments for Sale in Ireo Skyon

One of the concerns that people have is the sunlight in Ground Floor Apartments. Luckily, the orientation of Ireo Skyon offers some limited availability of really good sun facing ground floor apartments that can become home for those who appreciate living in nature. These are apartments that are facing the central greens as well as they get sufficient sunlight.

To summarize, it is interesting to live on the Ground Floor for those who like more grounded living which is closer to mother nature and like to enjoy creating their own private green area and a cosy outdoor environment on the Ground Floor.

Cost Advantage of buying a Ground Floor Apartment

The interesting part is that while you end up paying for the balcony area on upper floors, you do end up saving costs on the differential area. The reason is that the patio area is considered part of the common areas, while practically speaking, it remains cordoned off by a green hedge to allow for privacy for the ground floor apartment owners. So, there is definitely a price difference and one can take advantage of this with the limited availability of ground floor apartments for sale in Ireo Skyon.

In case you are a person who likes to get their hands dirty in the mud to create your special green zone, please feel free to connect with us for a walk through of the Ground Floor Apartment in Ireo Skyon.


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