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Interior at Ireo Skyon

Before delving into the interiors of your apartment at Ireo Skyon, it is important to know what you get when your apartment is delivered from Ireo. We have compiled a couple of videos of 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments for your understanding of what you get when the apartment is delivered to you for the first time. After the apartment is delivered to you, there are somethings that you can change and some that are not allowed to be changed.

It is important for you to understand the things that cannot be changed. these would include the building pillars and the façade of the building in any way. Apart from this, the plumbing system and the electrical systems should be changed by designated contractors who have worked at Ireo Skyon earlier. While some of the internal walls are dismantlable, some are not, it is advisable to hire contractors who are completely aware of the apartment structure at Ireo Skyon.

Below are videos of the condition in which you would be getting the apartment from Ireo.

In case you have queries pertaining to interiors contractors at Ireo Skyon

please feel free to reach out to us on 8010-567-567.

Interior Contractors Ireo Skyon

While there are many Interior contractors in the market, however, there is a special skill required in some cases where modifications involve electric panel shifting etc. For this there are a few professional interior contractors who are available for those living in Ireo Skyon or anyone who has recently acquired an apartment at Ireo Skyon.

The key factor to use a contractor who has done work at Ireo Skyon for very important reason, specially when it involves breaking walls, restructuring the electric wiring etc. It is important that the contractor understands the wiring structure, the plumbing drawings etc and which walls are demolish able and which walls are not to be touched, considering that there are pillars and safety of pillars is paramount as it is a high rise building.

We have a team within Ireo Skyon, who have been continuously delivering high quality work for residents of Ireo Skyon and helping them modify various elements within the apartment, some of the most sought after changes are to increase the size of the kitchen by merging it with the servant room. Considering the fact that these days, most people don't keep permanent home help due to privacy intrusion and various other reasons, most of the apartments have modified the kitchen by merging it with the servant's room. This allows for a well designed modern kitchen which looks stunning as well as offers more moveable space and designated spaces for equipment etc.

Below is the video of one of the recently modified 2 BHK + SQ apartment where the Kitchen & SQ have been merged to create a larger kitchen. Also changes have been made to the colour combination and the entire cabinets were changed to suit the client's requirement.

In case you have queries pertaining to interiors contractors at Ireo Skyon

please feel free to reach out to us on 8010-567-567.

Civil Modifications and Kitchen Makeover - Ireo Skyon

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