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Does Ireo Skyon Condominium offer a Healthy Environment to Live In?

Health has been on the forefront of everyone's agenda lately. Making a choice of living in Healthy environs has been increasingly becoming a conscious choice of anyone looking to buy or rent an apartment in current times. In this article, we evaluate Ireo Skyon Condominium on various parameters that make for a Healthy Environment to Live in, both on physical and phycological health.

Natural Sunlight is a key ingredient to life. It is not only for having a good and healthy life, but also covers the wellness of psychological & mental health. We all know living in dark and dingy apartments doesn't feel right, that is because of lack of natural light. Thankfully, owing to the large windows and a lot of usage of Glass coupled with high ceilings, irrespective of the direction of the apartment, be it sun facing or non sun facing apartment, all apartments in Ireo Skyon are always well lit and with a lot of natural light coming into the home. This aspect of good natural light plays a vital role in the holistic wellbeing of the inhabitants and thus making Ireo Skyon apartments a healthy choice to live in. With loads of natural light in the apartments, one can live a comfortable and healthy life without worrying about feeling gloomy.

High Ceiling Height: In most of the other residential apartments the ceiling height is low, making the apartment feel small and claustrophobic, however, owing to the high ceilings at Ireo Skyon (Over 10 Ft.) the apartments not only feel better lit but also expansive. When you live in a space that feels expansive and large, your own aura is bound to expand and thus making it a healthy choice to live in.

Cleaner Air Quality: Owing to the fantastic location that Ireo Skyon has been developed, it is so interesting to note that it is tucked away from pollution, not only air pollution but also noise pollution. What is interesting is that while it is tucked away, it still remains very approachable and close to the mainstream Golf Course Road in Gurgaon as well as other active areas of Gurgaon. It is worth a visit to find out how quiet and peaceful Ireo Skyon neighbourhood is and one can certainly feel the cleaner air quality the moment one enters the community.

Large Central Greens: Well maintained plants and horticulture has added to the quality of life at Ireo Skyon. The maintenance agency and the RWA spends a substantial time, effort and resources to maintain an exceptional green zone at Ireo Skyon. The design of Ireo Skyon as a community having a large 3 Acre+ park right in the center of the community and apartments built around this park makes it not only a feast for the eyes to see well kept central greens, but also gives Ireo Skyon large lungs for fresh non polluted air.

Cleanliness & Hygiene: Resident Welfare Association for any residential community plays a part in making sure that the condominium is well maintained from a hygiene point of view. At Ireo Skyon, the RWA has set stringent standards of upkeep with regular checks and maintenance of the overall upkeep of the Ireo Skyon Condominium from a hygiene point of view. Various proactive steps are always taken keeping the wellness of residents in mind.

Sports & Leisure: Sports and leisure are certainly an important aspect when it comes to physical and mental wellness. The RWA at Ireo Skyon has been very proactive to bring about more sports into the community than what was initially introduced in the condominium. Adding and entire large section dedicated only to outdoor sports and with plans to create more avenues for more and more sport activities within the community and making sure that both children and adults are constructively busy enjoying the various offerings of sports at Ireo Skyon.

E- Clinic: Having all the positive things going in a community, one may still be susceptible to illness and for that reason, one of the latest introduction of Medanta E-Clinic just completes the health loop at Ireo Skyon. Not only there is a in-house Medanta E-Clinic within the community, but online consultations make it a breeze for anyone looking to get immediate medical attention.

Permanent Ambulance: Should things really get out of hand, a permanent ambulance is a standard part of the Ireo Skyon Condominium, making sure that the health of all residents is a priority for the entire community.

Pro-Active RWA: Skyon RWA has been extremely pro-active in helping create a healthy environment within the Ireo Skyon Community. While many steps have been taken at various levels to create more outdoor spaces for sports to deliver a healthy lifestyle for the residents, some of them include an entire area of about 2.5 Acres dedicated to Tennis Courts, Volley Ball, Soccer etc. The RWA has also been on the toes during these pandemic times to make sure that the spread is contained to the minimum while making sure that the residents are taken care of during these tough times, so much so that Mr. Rahul Dahiya, General Secretary at SKOWA and a key member of the RWA has in some cases even gone out of the way personally to make sure that the health of some of the effected persons was restored.

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