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Medanta E-Clinic at Ireo Skyon

Covid Times have clearly paved the way for a change for many things, most importantly, the individual thinking and priorities. Today, Health, Family, Togetherness are some of the things that are on top priority for one and all. As a proactive team of management at Ireo Skyon RWA (SCOWA), it has always been a step ahead to take new initiatives that help the residents and the community at large.

SCOWA took a lot of pain to get Medanta E-Clinic set up within the community. Not only does it help in quick response to any small ailment and getting a quick consultation for an ailing resident at Ireo Skyon, but also for bigger problems, Medanta is considered to be the epitome of wellness in Gurgaon. So without a compromise, SCOWA management tied up with the best in class to provide quality diagnostic and consultations via online and offline mediums at a premises & staff dedicated and provided by Medanta within the community.

This is located in the Upper Basement of Tower B, just next to the Lift. There is provisions for online consultation with a senior doctor at Medanta from the E Clinic online as well as for immediate medical attention required.


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