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Why is the Price for a same size apartment different within Ireo Skyon?

When you are looking to buy an apartment at Ireo Skyon, there are many factors that play a role in the determination of the right price for an apartment at Ireo Skyon. One of these factors is the location of the apartment within Ireo Skyon. While different people have different preferences and sometimes what you may like might be either pro pricing or anti-pricing. In this article, we would like to bring forth the possible scenarios that could effect the pricing of specific deals at Ireo Skyon.

Park Facing: A lot of people while buying want to acquire the best location within an apartment complex, specially, if they are buying for self-use and long term living for their families. Having a park in front of the balcony has always had a premium attached to it, and rightfully so, it is a nice feeling to wake up to a large central green park every morning and enjoy a cup of tea in the balcony looking at Greenery. Thus, this element certainly is one of the factor to consider and it does change the price points for specific units within Ireo Skyon. However, there are many other factors that have to be considered along with this factor, for e.g. one could have a park facing apartment in Ireo Skyon, however it may or may not be getting sufficient sunlight. In such a case there is a dent in the pricing for such apartments. Most of the builders certainly have a PLC (Preferential Location Charge) for such apartments that are facing the park or the green areas, therefore owners actually pay a premium to acquire a good location within a community and which would have an impact on the secondary market price as well.

Sun Facing: Sunlight undoubtedly remains to a very important factor in India, specially to bring in positive energy within the apartment, the fact that sunlight is one of the largest source of energy on the planet and keeps a host of illnesses away has made this an important factor while choosing an apartment in Ireo Skyon. There are multiple scenarios within this parameter, in some cases, there is too much sunlight (in case of west facing balconies), which causes a lot of heat in the property, however, in some cases it is mild sun (In case of East or South Balconies) which is most preferred, while north balconies would never get sunlight. So depending on the location of apartment within Skyon, the prices for each of the directions would vary.

Floor Level: In earlier days, a lot of people use to prefer lower floors, even now, there are some who would prefer lower floors, so this parameter is more to do with specific needs, while one thing is for sure that a middle floor remains to be one of the most sought after and thus always commanding a higher premium than other floors. A host of developers charge a floor based PLC (preferential location charge), this is a premium that the owners pay to the builder to get a floor of their choice. More often than not, this PLC is charged either or a Ground Floor, Lower Floors facing the park or higher floors with views.

Club Facing/Pool Facing: One of the criteria that has caught on lately is the facing of a swimming pool or the clubhouse. This is of course subjective to individual choice, however, no one can deny that having a view of a swimming pool or any water body for that matter is definitely a soothing and a pretty sight. While some people shirk away from the potential noise and hustle bustle, others may be very pro to being connected and stay close to action. From most seller's point of view, they would pay a premium to get a location overlooking the swimming pool, so even in the secondary market, this would certainly be carrying a premium.

While these above mentioned parameters are more to do with the location aspect of a specific apartment within Skyon, however, there are other factors that help determine prices for specific units at Skyon, so it is not surprising that when you go to market for buying, there will be multiple different prices being quoted for a same size of apartment. With this understanding now, you will be more equipped to take a prudent decision.

All said and done, there are always scenarios where you can get best resale deals in Ireo Skyon, these deals are not necessarily dependent on the above factors, but more of financial aspects like the desperation of the seller to sell for various reasons. At Qualtors, our team members are based within the Ireo Skyon Community and keep keen track of any such transactions that may become available from time to time and help discerning buyers look at these and close in on some really good deals in resale for Ireo Skyon. Reach out to us for some really good deals at all times.


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