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Do Park Facing balconies effect the price of Apartments in Ireo Skyon?

Yes. While the Park Facing Balconies are definitely a plus, It really depends on the location of the apartment within the Ireo Skyon Community. It also has to do with personal preferences of a prospective buyer. Some of the apartments may be park facing, however do not get the much needed sunlight into the apartments, on the other hand there are buyers who prefer to take up apartments with lesser sunlight due to the heat in the north of India. So, it is definitely a preference for a lot of people to have a pretty park as a daily sight and to look out from the balcony and see greenery as it does lift up the mood.

As for the Resale Price for Ireo Skyon apartments, they are market driven and depend on many factors. It would be a good idea to read about the Guiding Factors for Resale Prices in Ireo Skyon.


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