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A Complete Guide to Ireo Skyon Resale

Ireo Skyon Resale
Ireo Skyon

Ireo Skyon is an interesting apartment community on the Golf Course Extn. Road, nicely tucked away from noise and pollution and offering some really good quality apartments ranging from 2,3 & 4 bedrooms. The question is What is Ireo Skyon Resale Price? Before getting into specifics of the resale price at Ireo Skyon, lets understand what it really means to buy in Original Booking or Resale? Also, in this article, we can evaluate the benefits of acquiring a property at Ireo Skyon in Resale or buying it in Original Booking.

In Gurgaon terminology, Resale is a term used when you buy property in the secondary market, which means that someone else had booked the property with the builder initially and is now selling it in the secondary market also known as Resale Market. Original Booking on the other hand is that you make a booking with the builder directly and become the first allottee of the property. In either case, the transfer of ownership of property happens through a registered conveyance deed (also known as Registry in common lingo).

In case of a secondary buy or a resale transaction, there are further two possibilities:

  1. Transfer of Title through Registered Conveyance Deed to a new Registered Conveyance Deed. This is possible for those properties wherein the allottee of the property has made complete payment to the builder and the builder has gone ahead and registered the property in the allottees name.

  2. Transfer of Title through Transfer of rights through the builder. In this case the Seller (Original Allottee) transfers his/her rights to the property by way of relinquishing rights over the property through a pre-defined nomination process. (Almost standard with all builders). The buyer becomes the allottee by agreeing to the terms of the original builder buyer agreement.

While ultimately it doesn't really matter if you acquire a property in Resale or directly from the builder, however, from person to person, the comfort level changes. In our experience a host of people are more comfortable with buying directly from the builder and becoming the first allottees as it offers more comfort on the documentation front offering the much-needed comfort. However, if you are going ahead in the secondary market with a property under option 1 (above) and you have a good quality real estate agent by your side, he/she will make sure that the document trail is verified from the relevant authorities for any loans/liens or any other liability that may be there on the specific asset before moving ahead on the purchase. In case of Option 2 (above), the builder will make sure that there are no liabilities and only then transfer the property rights to the new buyer and again, a good quality realtor is important to be making sure that all is in order.

Resale Price for Ireo Skyon

As for Resale Price for Ireo Skyon, it remains as a dynamic parameter, considering that the market is ever changing, it is important for a buyer to find out what the current resale price for Ireo Skyon is at this point in time. Please feel free to give us a call or write to us to get to understand the current market scenario at Ireo Skyon, fortunately, our senior team members live within Skyon so they are well clued into the current going prices at Ireo Skyon.


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