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Is Skyon a good asset for the Millennials? What to expect?

Before delving into analysing which asset is a good choice to invest for the Millennials, let understand a bit about what works for The Millennials !! We all know that life today is dynamic with most of the Millennials becoming more of global citizens rather than citizens of any one specific country. This younger generation more keen on exploring the entire world and to enjoy collecting experiences rather than collecting assets like the earlier generations.

That said, travelling and enjoying living in various places for leisure involves expenses and you need an asset that has the potential to earn regular rental income and offer opportunities to rent out the property on short and long term basis to be able to pay for your own trips etc. While it may still remain as your home base, you definitely want it to be able to fetch income from short term rentals like Airbnb or long term rental income with better returns than just simple rent.

Ireo Skyon fits well in both the above scenarios, it's not wishful, but actually tried and tested. Ireo Skyon hosts a lot of Expat Clients from various nationalities, like Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Russians, Americans and many more who have chosen to live in this community for various reasons, the top two reasons being the location and the quality of living offered at Ireo Skyon. The primary player in Expat Accommodation in Gurgaon has been , which has helped quite a few expats make Skyon as their home. Apart from this VAYA Homes has been the most active player in turning normal apartments into "Fit For Expats" by offering services like consultancy, quality furnishings & property management for landlords at Ireo Skyon.

As for the basic rentals go, Ireo Skyon has always been high in demand for all sizes of apartments. It takes anywhere between 3 Days to 15 Days to rent out an apartment in Ireo Skyon. However, with the expertise offered by both the above mentioned businesses, one could convert the apartment into a much more lucrative rental asset, increasing the ROI by almost 80% to 100% with minimal extra investment on preparing the apartment specifically for Expats. (It is important not to try to re-invent the wheel and loose money on trying to furnish on your own, its better to take services from Expat Acco or VAYA Homes as they know what works with Expats.)

A larger rental income opens window to exploring entire world and enjoying finer things in life or even make the mortgage payment a lot more easier.


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