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Ireo Skyon News - Ireo Skyon Gets a Volley Ball Court

Sports is an extremely important aspect of any residential community. It helps not only in staying fit, but also creates bonds within the residents. In a fantastic move to improve the living at Ireo Skyon and help people engage in a positive sport and stay healthy, The SCOWA Leadership at Skyon added a Volley Ball Court to Ireo Skyon Community. This Volley Ball Court is located at the site marked as G Tower on the Ireo Skyon Site Plan. Just next to the Tower B in Ireo Skyon.

Generally speaking, from experience, we can say that whenever the RWA of any residential community takes on the responsibility of a condominium in Gurgaon. Ireo Skyon has a dynamic leadership of SCOWA that have been busy making some really good positive changes to the society at large.

Kudos to SCOWA for the Positive Changes !!

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