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Does the number of parking spaces effect the price for Ireo Skyon?

Yes, also one needs to understand that there are two kinds of car parking slots within Skyon, one is "Back to Back" and the other is "Side by Side", while it is self explanatory, lets look at both these types:

Back To Back Parking: These are parking slots, which are long enough to hold two cars, the challenge though is that one would have to remove one car to make way for the other. That is the reason why the back to back car parking is slightly cheaper than the side by side.

Side by Side Parking: These are two individual parking spaces where two cars can separately be parked without having to move the other to make way for another. So definitely very convenient. That is the reason why the apartments having Side by Side car parking slots have a slight premium on them as compared to the other ones.

As for the cost of parking slots, each car parking is pegged at Rs. 6,00,000/- each in case of Back to Back, while the Side by Side parking slots are pegged at Rs. 7,00,000/- each. This is a dynamic number and keeps fluctuating based on demand and supply. Also one needs to know that all resident car parking slots are located in the two levels of basements at Ireo Skyon, while the visitors parking slots are on the ground level.


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