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Ireo Skyon Price Trends

10 Reasons Why Ireo Skyon is poised for Growth

1. Recent takeover by RWA:
A host of Positive Changes have been introduced by the RWA as it is a very proactive RWA and is helping make the community better in many ways. Here you will be able to view the recent initiatives taken by the RWA, these are all positive changes and are likely to boost the prices upwards.


2. The Grand Hyatt Hotel :

Expected Timelines - 6 to 8 months. This is a landmark development as it is the first Grand Hyatt in North India. Did you know that it is just 2 kms from Ireo Skyon? Well, that in itself is a good enough reason for the prices to move up.


3. Ireo Plots Delivery:

Already delivered, now the construction activity will start. Another residential development which is likely to have high end luxury villas and floors, this is likely to boost the prices in the vicinity as the area becomes filled up with more affluent people.


4. Adani Samsara Delivery:

Already delivered, people moved in and the overall area has more residents now. More habitancy in any locality always is a welcome step when it comes to price movement. The good thing is that both Adani Samsara and Ireo Skyon are almost 80% occupied.


5. Adani Miracle Mile Readiness:

Large size Commercial at a walking distance is always a positive sign for any residential community. Miracle Mile is just a few steps from Ireo Skyon and is one of the largest retail development in the vicinity. Thus pushing the prices upwards.


6. Adani Community Club Readiness.:

Something on the lines of the DLF Phase IV and Phase V clubs, the Adani Community Club is open for membership to Ireo Skyon Residents as well. With this coming up, there will be a lot more fun and frolic in the vicinity, thus pushing the prices upward.


7. Commercial Office Developments near by:
Did you know that there is a very large IT SEZ just in the vicinity of Ireo Skyon. It is estimated to be 3 times the size of DLF Cyber Greens and will be hosting lakhs of people working from there. This is likely to boost the demand for quality accommodation and therefore the prices will rise sooner than we think.


8. Fallen Interest Rates on Home Loans:

The lower interest rates have triggered a huge buying spree amongst the intelligent investors. They know that these low rates are not going to remain for ever, so they are taking double advantage of buying at low price and at low interest rates. Also a huge part of the loan gets equated with the Rentals at Ireo Skyon, which is an added advantage for investors who don't plan to live in.


9. Diminishing Inventory of homes for sale:

Just like any other residential community, as homes go into the hands of end users, the demand vs. supply ratio gets more and more tougher. The inventory at Skyon at this point in time is getting more skewed towards creating a seller's market, which means that there is less inventory and more buyers. This trend is likely to continue further and so the prices would definitely keep rising.


10. The Location:

Most importantly, the location of Ireo Skyon is very strategic, it is located just minutes from the super luxury location of Golf Course Road. In fact, Skyon is part of sector 60, which is one of the closest sectors to the Golf Course Road when you hit the Extn. Road. Apart from this, the location is extremely ideal for a residential development as it is tucked away from any noisy main road, therefore making it a desirable location for living.

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