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How Balcony Facing effects the price at Ireo Skyon?

Sunlight is definitely an important factor to consider while acquiring any apartment or property. It is not only weather there is sunlight or not, but also the movement of the sun in a particular area. Ireo Skyon too has various locations within the community where some apartments are preferred by residents or prospective buyers than the others. In this post, we will be looking at the various directions in which the balconies at Ireo Skyon face and how the prices get effected due to the sun facing apartments.

North Balconies: North facing balconies get the least amount of sunlight. The sun rises in the East and moves to West, in winters, the sun movement is East to South to West, so the North Facing Balconies do not get much sunlight. While being in Gurgaon, some people still prefer North Balconies to avoid very harsh sunlight and these homes would remain cool through out the year, however, in winters it could be a bit of a concern to not get sunlight. There is definitely a price reduction in the apartments in which the balconies face North, considering the popular demand is for better sunlight facing balconies. (Tower D & E Road Facing, Tower A Park Facing)

South Balconies: South Balconies get the right quality of sunlight, while the sun movement in summers remains East to West, however, the Winter Sun moves East to South to West, so you get the perfect sunlight in winters, while not very harsh sunlight in the Summers. The South Balcony Apartments in Ireo Skyon do get a premium for the location. (Tower A - 2 Bedrooms, Tower D & E 3 BHKs park facing units)

East Balconies: East Balcony Apartments are good for those who like to see the morning rising sun and then the sun would disappear after about 10:00 AM. So East Balcony Apartments are also one of the preferred apartments at Ireo Skyon. (Tower F - 2 Bedrooms + SQ & Tower C 3 Bedrooms Park Facing)

West Balconies: West Facing Balconies are generally not preferred, as the summer sun is too harsh in these, unless there is a tower that blocks the sun during some hours of the day. Generally, people prefer either South or East balcony apartments at Ireo Skyon. (Tower F - 3 BHKs Park Facing, Tower C - 2 BHKs & 2 + SQs facing the outer periphery.)


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