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Why Ireo Skyon is becoming popular with Expats?

Gurgaon has a reasonable Expat population owing to the spurt in multinational companies from all over the world. Being a modern city located close to Delhi and IGI Airport, Gurgaon attracted companies to have their head offices here. Most number of Expats are from countries like Japan, Korea, China & fewer from European and American countries.

Most of the Expat population in Gurgaon is concentrated in locations like Golf Course Road, while the spill over often land up on Golf Course Extn. Road. Some of the most popular Expat Communities with expats in Gurgaon are DLF Park Place, DLF Magnolias, DLF Aralias, DLF Crest, Verandas and Emaar Palm Springs on the Golf Course Road and Ireo Grand Arch, Ireo Skyon & M3M Golf Estate on the Golf Course Extn. Road.

One of the primary reason for Ireo Skyon and Ireo Grand Arch to become popular amongst Expats is the location of course. Considering that the next best location to Golf Course Road is the Extn. Road, Ireo Grand Arch & Skyon take the lead because they are just at the inception of the Golf Course Extn. Road, so one doesn't need to go too much further from the downtown area of Gurgaon. While Ireo Grand Arch is popular for it's club facilities and modern lifestyle, Ireo Skyon on the other hand is popular for the overall quality of apartments, compact functionality, proximity to downtown, tranquillity offered by a peaceful location & affordability.

There are approximately 30 to 40 expats at any given point in time living in Ireo Skyon Community, while most of the credit for promoting Ireo Skyon as an Expat Homes destination goes to VAYA Homes Pvt. Ltd. (, a quality furnished apartments management company which has successfully helped multiple landlords to convert their homes into "Expat Ready Homes" in Gurgaon and increase their ROI on rental income. VAYA Homes team has been converting regular apartments into what they like to call "Fit for Expat Living" for Landlords at Skyon based on more than a decade of experience of having worked with Expats moving to Gurgaon.

Easier said than done, some landlords tried to furnish their apartments on their own and failed to find expat tenants at Ireo Skyon owing to either poor quality of furnishings or lack of understanding of what Expats look for in furnished homes. Also the fact that Expats mostly like to work with a professional organization that can offer more than just furnished apartments, but other value added services like maintenance, cleaning and other value added services.

With things have been consistently improving at Ireo Skyon with the pro-active RWA in place, Ireo Skyon in times to come is poised to definitely become a preferred choice for Expats wanting to live in Gurgaon. This may be good for owners of Ireo Skyon as it would boost the rentals for furnished apartments in Ireo Skyon.


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