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Ireo Skyon - News - Car Service within Ireo Skyon

Convenience is the new buzz word at Ireo Skyon. With the new and improved services at Ireo Skyon, one can certainly expect this residential community to become the talk of the town. Here is the latest news from Ireo Skyon:

Introduction of a Mini-Car Care & Service station at Basement Level 2 at Ireo Skyon. Clean & Care is the latest addition of conveniences at Ireo Skyon. This offers Ireo Skyon residents to get high quality services like cleaning, Car Wash, Car Dry Cleaning, Rubbing & Polishing, Battery Service, Car Service, Car Sanitization, Tyre Servce etc withing the Ireo Skyon Community offering the residents of Ireo Skyon the much needed convenience.

All this has been possible under the Leadership of Ireo Skyon RWA or SCOWA.


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