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Ireo Skyon News - Alternative Broadband - JIO

Internet is the urban lifeline of any residential community and in current times, it is difficult to image life without internet. Not only a good broadband with high speed internet is a necessity, but also there is a need to have multiple vendors for a service to break the monopoly, help in redundancy management as well as to keep the service providers on their toes for quality service as well. Keeping these points in mind, a wise decision taken under the leadership of SCOWA to have another service provider within Ireo Skyon.

While earlier, the only service provider was Airel, now under the SCOWA Leadership, the fibre has been laid for JIO in Ireo Skyon to have an alternative service provider with high speed internet at Ireo Skyon.

Thanks to the good quality leadership of SCOWA this has been a great step to make sure that the service providers are competing to deliver quality services at best prices for the residents.


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