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Ireo Skyon Latest News - Skyon Gets a Super Market

The Fantastic RWA Leadership of Ireo Skyon operating under SCOWA (Skyon Condominium Owner's Welfare Association) is working towards all the steps that are needed to make life of residents more convenient. One of these steps taken by the SCOWA Leadership Team is to add a Grocery Store within the Ireo Skyon Community. Not only this enhances the services offering at Ireo Skyon, but also helps the residents get quality merchandise at affordable prices.

Any positive changes and new convenience added to a residential community adds to the owners and residents, for owners whenever there is a positive change, it enhances the property valuations for Resale Prices in Ireo Skyon as well as for the Rentals at Ireo Skyon. While for the Residents, any positive change and new convenience added to Ireo Skyon would add to a better living experience.

The Operators of this new Grocery Store is under Needs Supermarket, who also happen to have an app for deliveries. The residents at Skyon will be able to order groceries online and via telephones and have stuff delivered to their door step, for those who like to visit the store and buy, the Needs Store at Ireo Skyon will be located in the Upper Basement of Tower B.

Kudos to SCOWA Leadership at Ireo Skyon !!


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