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Get the Best Deal with 2 BHK with Servants Resale Price

The 2 BHK with Servants apartment in Ireo Skyon is an excellent choice for a young couple or retired couple who want to live a peaceful, healthy and a modern lifestyle while being part of a gated, secured, residential community right in the heart of Gurgaon. While the booking of 2 BHK with Servants apartments in Ireo Skyon is no longer available, however, the 2 BHK with Servants apartments are available in Resale/Secondary Market. The Resale Price is dynamic and keeps changing from time to time and is also dependent upon multiple factors. In this article we will see what are the factors that affect the resale price for a 2 BHK with Servants in Ireo Skyon.

There are multiple factors that determine the Ireo Skyon Resale Price, here are the various factors:

Market Price: For any location and any specific residential community there is a market price, this of course forms the basis of the resale price in any residential community. The Demand & Supply in a city, location and community generally is what drives the market price. In case of Ireo Skyon too, the Resale Price of Ireo Skyon too is dependent on the market forces and it keeps varying. Apart from the variations listed below, the market price is one of the biggest factors that one would decide the resale price for 2 BHK with Servants Apartment in Ireo Skyon along with the variants listed below.

Inclusions: While the builder has standard inclusions for the interiors at Ireo Skyon, however, as the property is now mostly with the individual owners, so one of the factors that comes into play is the additional inclusions that the individual owner has added to the apartment, these could vary from Light Fittings, Wardrobes, Kitchen Makeovers and any other changes that the individual owner may have added into the apartment. While the property owner may have deployed a certain cost towards getting these additional inclusions, however, in practice, the new buyer would always be getting a discounted value on these additions.

Car Parking Spaces: At the time of original bookings of Ireo Skyon apartments, there was an option to buy multiple car parking spots with a compulsion of buying 1 car parking in case of a 2 BHK with Servants Apartment. However, in some cases where the owners have more than 1 Car Parking spaces, the resale price of 2 BHK with Servants in Ireo Skyon will automatically be higher. Car Parking Spaces are tangible assets, therefore, typically the car parking cost is taken at the current market price of the car parking. Currently pegged at about 6 Lakhs per car parking spot, this would be an additional cost that would have to be paid in addition

Club Membership: At the time of bookings of Ireo Skyon project, the developer provided an option to either opt-in for club membership or opt-out of the club membership. A host of buyers opted in for the Ireo Skyon Clubhouse, while others opted-out. The cost of the club membership is pegged at approximately 7 lakhs, so when you are looking at a resale deal in Ireo Skyon, you would have offers of apartments which come with club membership and ones that don't.

Seller's Desperation: Apart from all the above factors, there is then one last and important factor which brings out distressed deals in Ireo Skyon from time to time, this is the seller's desperation to exit the asset. This factor has no defined boundaries of price points and sometimes offers exciting opportunities for buyers who are ready to take the plunge at short notice. These kinds of deals do not last long and are short lived, so the readiness of the buyer is of utmost importance to be able to clinch the deal at the right time.

Considering that the Resale Price is always dynamic and based on many factors as discussed, in case you are looking for a 2 BHK with Servants in Resale in Ireo Skyon, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you with the best offers at that point in time.


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