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Lush Greenery

Nature at it's best at Ireo Skyon. What all can you enjoy at Ireo Skyon apart from Lush Greenery?

Ireo Skyon is a nature lover's haven. The greens are well kept and maintained by a professional team and the entire community offers lush green environment. There are various nooks and corners where one could easily sit in peace and tranquillity soaking in the goodness of mother nature. With a lot of flowering trees planted, one can enjoy the colours of nature in various seasons. The greenery is not just restricted to the large central green park, but is spread across the entire community offering great walking and jogging paths for those who like to enjoy a morning walk or an evening stroll. The large central green park spans almost 3 acres offering a great place for family time or a quiet me time alone amidst nature. Various varieties of flowers and other plants have been planted to make sure that the community looks and feels beautiful.

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